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New Business Venture coming to Woodland Beach!

Hot from the website www.croakers.biz is news that 100 Beach Ave. - Woodland Beach will be revived as a thriving local business to serve both residents and visitors! This is great news for the town and here is a snipet of information form their website:

The original building was a pub and dance hall, and at one point a roller coaster ran over the waters of the bay. Today the building is abandoned, and the roller coaster exists only as pylons that attract waterlife.

Instead of looking at the building as a liability, Ken and Joyce decided to utilize the value of the location to fund renovations. Beginning Labor Day weekend 2012, Croaker's will offer bait, tackle and concessions via outbuildings and concession carts.

Eventually the building will be restored to its former glory and contain a full service bar and restaurant, convenience store, a wedding chapel, and boat rentals.

2016 Tide Chart

The Tide Chart for Woodland Beach for 2016 has been updated for your convenience!

Fishing Reports & Tide Chart

NOTE: As of Jan. 1st, 2008, you need a fishing license even to crab in Delaware! Make sure you have your license on your person if you fish or crab in Woodland Beach. Click Here for a list of places to obtain your 2014 license.

Click Here for guidelines on the 2014 regulations on fishing license fees.

I've been told of 40" rock fish, 32" rock fish, but no one has the proof other than taking their arms and holding them out to here to show me how long they were.

Well, if you have pictures, you can't say it's a fish story! I hope to add pictures soon, and if you have some pictures of your catch, send them to me, and we'll post them online.

The tide chart has been updated and has the data for 2014. I will try to continue to remove days past and keep the tide chart current.

You can view the Tide Chart by using the link below or click here.

Osprey Nest
Osprey Nesting Pole
located in the wetlands west of
Woodland Beach.
Photo courtesy of neighbors
Linda & Jack
(click image for larger view)

Website For Sale

Would you like to own this website?

As of December 23, 2012, I no longer own property in this great little town, so it's difficult for me to keep updates on this site accurately.

If you would like to own and take control of current events of Woodland Beach DE, contact me with your desire to purchase the domain name.

Along with the purchase price of $500, I will transfer the domain name www.woodlandbeach.net to your name, 1 year of free domain hosting, 5 email addresses with the domain woodlandbeach.net (ex: yourname@woodlandbeach.net, webmaster@woodlandbeach.net, info@woodlandbeach.net, etc.). After the 1 year of free hosting you may continue to purchase domain hosting or move it to your desired web hosting service.

If you would like with the purchase, all images, logos, and information will convey along with any information on how to gather data for posting on the site (tide charts, etc.)

View leaving Woodland Beach of canals on both sides of the road.

Time to go..... Here is the view as you leave town. Taken from my camera phone in my '89 Bronco II.

Visitors to Woodland Beach.... Welcome! but don't bring your bad habits to town. Please, do not throw your garbage on the beach. This includes beer bottles, beer cans (yes, they drink a lot of beer there), juice boxes, etc. It is a beach, and people walk bare foot.

If you just ask, most people will not mind you placing your trash in their trash recepticle.

Woodland Beach is a "carry on - carry off" park. This means you are responsible to take back with you everything you brought with you. This is enforced by DNREC. Please leave only your footprints behind......

Sunset at Pearson Avenue


Woodland Beach makes it on YouTube!!!
Video by James L. Matterer of Gode Cookery!



Do you have news, information, or photos from Woodland Beach?

If you have photos you would like to share that you took in Woodland Beach, please email them to me! It's best you don't try to edit them in any way, and send them the same size and format as they come off your camera. I can resize, brighten, or crop them to the best dimensions. Click Here if you have photos to send! Be sure to send a brief description of your photo and name the people in the pic and we'll mention their name.

Surf House & Pier
Original Hotel at
Woodland Beach
Amusement rides & bandstand
Surf House & Pier
Ducks at the
Old Pier
Ducks at the
New Pier
Fishing boats on & off
Woodland Beach shoreline
The Woodland Beach
Fishermen heading out to
catch Atlantic Menhaden
Cottages that used to rent
for people vacationing
A pair of ducks enjoying a
little beachcombing
Miss Woodland Beach
More cottages across from
the fresh water pond
Woodland Beach DE from 24,000' Woodland Beach from 24,000' with markers Woodland Beach pier seats
Woodland Beach photograph from a US Airways jet at 24,000 feet. Linda & I took going to Mexico in December 2006.
This is the same photo of Woodland Beach from 24,000' but this one has landmarks pointed out so you can ID them.
Seats on the end of the pier for you to look out over the bay or to fish from.

The weather is great for fishing & crabbing. The pier has people fishing 24/7. You'll see lots of people fishing on the bridge at Route 6 just out of town too. Many pick-up trucks and boat trailers are parkedCrab around, so the boating season is in full swing too.


The Tide Chart has been updated. Be sure to check it to know the best fishing & crabbing times.


Woodland Beach is about 8 miles direct east of Smyrna DE. You take State Route 6 east until there is no more road! Here is a map showing the location of Woodland Beach:

Map of Route 6 going into town

Woodland Beach was once known as the "Playground of Kent County". There are plenty of tales about this town, some true, and some may be stretched a bit, but all are as interesting as the citizens lucky enough to call this place home. WB is about the last undeveloped bayfront town in Delaware on the Delaware Bay.

There is only so much land, and LOTs of water!

The beauty of this town is its simplicity and the protection of wetlands that will safe guard this town from becoming a tourist trap. Which is the reason I used the word "lucky" above. It seems that any one that lives here has been here for a long time and very few are willing to sell. Who can blame them?


It's amazing to sit and watch how many people drive to this dead-end road just to walk around town, walk on the beach, or sit and watch the sun rise or set from the new pier. When I do have to leave town, I like to coordinate my departure with the setting sun over the wetlands about mile outside of town (see photo above).

The first time my wife & I stayed overnight in Woodland Beach, it was almost too quiet. Laying in bed, you could hear the faint sound of a ship's horn off in the distance, and the loudest thing we heard was the waves lapping on shore. Looking south on the beach, you can spot the Ship "John" Lighthouse, which I'm guessing is about 8-10 miles down the bay.

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